Summary: Carry Trade

Carry Trade consists of borrowing or selling a financial instrument with a low interest percentage, then using it to purchase another one with a higher interest rate.

Even though you are paying the lowest interest rate on the financial instrument you borrowed or sold, you are accumulating higher interest on the financial instrument you bought. Your revenue is the money you gather from the interest rate difference. 

This is one more way to make money in the forex market without needing to buy low and sell high, which can be pretty hard to do continually.

Carry trades work great when investors feel like taking on risk. Recent economic situations need not be good, however, the position does need to be positive.

If a country’s economic predictions are not looking too good, then nobody will be ready to take on the risk. Let’s put it simply, carry trades work great when investors have low risk aversion. Carry trades do not work well when risk aversion is high.

When risk aversion is high, investors are less possible to purchase higher-yielding currencies or likely to lessen their positions in higher-yielding currencies.

When economic conditions are unsure, investors have a habit of to put their investments in safe place currencies, that have a tendency to offer low interest rates just like the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen.

It is pretty simple to find a appropriate pair to do a carry trade:  

*Find a hight interest differential

*Find a pair that has been steady or in an uptrend in favor of the higher-yielding currency. This gives you the capability to stay in the trade, As Long As Possible and profit off the interest percentage differential.

*Just keep in mind that economic and political factors are moving the world every day. Interest rates and interest rate differentials concerning currencies may change too, bringing well liked carry trades, such as the yen carry trade, out of favor with investors.  You should still limit your losses like a regular directional trade, when doing a carry trade,

*When correctly applied, the carry trade can add important income to your account, together with your directional trading methods.

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