Investment Goals & Objectives

Building a house without a plan brings uncertain results. Ideally, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be getting your dream house. On the other hand, the house is less likely what you’ve ever imagined. You could think of moving either doors or windows, placed new walls and remove some.

Building a house is like investing as well. Without a plan, there’s a chance you’ll be lucky or not. Without goals, and  a well planned thought, there is a higher chance you won’t end up financially successful in either short or long term. In order to meet goals, you have to first think of a goal.

Dealing with an investment goal comes in several ways. Basically, investors attention is diverted into making higher returns or topping the market by means of staying in their comfort zones regarding risk. Goal-based investing is considered as a new approach towards wealth management, which gives highlights on investment having an objective leading to a specific life goals. An example of this is buying a house, saving for children’s education funds, or building a nest egg for retirement instead of making a comparison of returns to benchmark.

A relatively new approach to wealth management is goal-based investing, which emphasizes investing with the objective of reaching specific life goals – such as buying a house, saving for your child’s education, or building a nest egg for retirement – instead of comparing returns to a benchmark. Basically, the theory is:

· Making goals possess bigger chances that you’ll make a saving and achieve each of your         goals.

· You’ll be more inspired in reaching your goal, for you can measure its progress.

· You can consider either time horizon and level of risk independently for every goal, and make   an investment.

Either which approach you’ll be choosing, the most important thing is to never leave your financial health on luck. Working with financial advisors (FAs) are usual, they are a professional provider of financial advice and guidance. They’re able to give options and help you find investments that complement your level of risk. In most cases, it makes a lot of sense working with a financial advisor, however, you can be your own FA if you’ll be lending some time and effort for it.

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