What is a Forex Robot?

In the world of forex, the so-called robot is a program that engages in technical signals to enter into trades while the human is doing nothing and relaxing but is generating money. 

With just one click, the forex robot moves continuously and execute trades signaled by mathematical algorithms which were once applied to the previous price history. Basically, whether the trader is in front of the computer or not, the mechanical system is running automatically. 

However, the main problem is forex robots do not consider conditional market changes because of its pre-wired thinking. 

The behavior of the market is regarded as a dynamic which moves continually in three movements: up, down, or sideways. 

With the use of forex robots, it can cause huge losses if not closely watched or managed as most robots were either not programmed for all environments, or cannot recognize changes in the environment of trading. 

As forex robot comprises of a genius capability, scammers used these to market and try to sell as the “holy grail” of trading. They’ll encourage you to quit your job as you’ll be making money even when your face is not glued to your computer. These robots are often sold for prices between $20 to $5000. 

$20 for a forex robot will obviously put you in doubt, as it sounds like a bargain. If this system enables the creator in making huge money, then why should he/she try to sell and share a profit?

It’s true that it is likely to provide you high profits, but in the real market, consistent market does not exist. Market conditions are always changing though the past takes a little effect on the future.  

What happened in the past doesn’t necessarily mean will happen again in the future as there’s no assurance. Tons of variables are needed to be considered first. 

It is advisable for traders to not engage in an automated systems and robots until traders are professional and a programmer. 

Beginners don’t have any idea how forex markets behave, and it’s quite hard for them to understand how robots are working, as well as what environment they are better suited. It is better to learn how to trade consistently before letting a program do the trading for you.

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