How Forex Is Unique

Forex involves lesser rules. Currency trading does not take place on an exchange with the rules, such that New York Stock Exchange, unlike trading either stocks, futures or options. The central governance does not control forex market, and there are no clearing houses to have an assurance that the currency from the party you’ve bought, actually pays up.

Moreover, if you’ve used exclusive information in generating another source of income, chances of legal issues will not be triggered, like they would in the stock market.  

In the forex market, it is clear that there are no commissions, as well as no exchange, brokerage or clearing fees. Instead, brokers generate money/profit depending on the price you pay in buying orders, or the amount you are receiving when you sell currencies.  

Forex is convenient, you can trade any whenever you want, as the forex market is open 24 hours a day. If you got work for a day shift, or a night owl you can set for your own convenient schedule.  

There is no limit to how much currency you can buy. If you’re a billionaire and you wanted to sell a $1 billion U.S. dollars, you may do so, either you buy or sell. 

It is very easy to get in as well as get out. Currencies can be ordered by buy or sell with just one instant  click. The market is very large and you’ll never be stuck if you desire to get rid of, or buy your currency pair. 

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